swiss art of wood machining


swiss art of wood machining


our vision

The highest art of tailor-made process
solutions in wood 
     TechnoWood - swiss art of wood machining

our mission statement

In everything we do, we are committed to thinking and acting in a way that is …

  • modular 
  • • innovative, integrable and expandable process solutions
  • cooperative
  • • commitment that creates trust with our partners, a transparent
      dialogue and a mentality of doing business by handshake
  • success-oriented
  • • sustainable profitability, healthy growth as well as economic
      and non-material independence
  • competent
  • • process-oriented, professional and expert advice based
      on sound expertise
  • quality-conscious
  • • on time, accurate and reliable

our company

TechnoWood AG is an international manufacturer and supplier of machines and software used in the wood industry. TechnoWood combines core competences in wood construction, mechanical engineering and control engineering under one roof. The company TechnoWood AG has its headquarters in Alt St. Johann (Switzerland), situated in the beautiful landscape of upper Toggenburg. Thanks to its modular approach, TechnoWood offers a process-optimized and economical solution for any requirement.

The company TechnoWood was founded in 1992. During the founding years, TechnoWood focussed mainly on the programming of ISO code for 5-axis CNC machines. In addition, it provided programming for connections to CAD/CAM systems.

Building on this core competence, additional branches were developed and flourished. From control systems engineering to the upgrade of existing CNC systems and the equipment of new plants, the journey led the company to the development and design of its own CNC machines.

Today, TechnoWood AG offers a comprehensive range of user-friendly and efficient CNC wood processing machines. These include the TW-Concept assembly line, which is configured to customer specifications, the TW-Agil joinery center, and the solid-wood TWOODS-Line production line.


TechnoWood AG
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