The heart of the machine


The machine control
The TW-Control is the machine controller from TechnoWood. It runs on every TechnoWood CNC system and is the key to success. The TW-Control is an extremely efficient controller.


Compatible with industry-standard CAD / CAM


proprietary macro programming


Multi-channel, e.g. parallel use of 2 spindles


quickly learnable, windows-based PC control

This is how it works

Getting started with the operation of the powerful TW-Control machine control is easy because the control computer is based on Windows. The programming takes place using a CAM of choice or unrestricted via ISO-Programming (DIN 66025) and/or on a “C“ based high-level language. Various additional programs optimize planning and training as well as occupational safety.

The powerful TW-Control machine control system optimally combines flexibility, efficiency and user-friendliness. In addition, almost all process-relevant data can be accessed via the TW-Data extension via OPCUA. TW-Control provides the entrepreneur with all the key performance indicators for the system via a simple dashboard.


in action

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