swiss art of wood machining



TechnoWood offers a wide range of different solutions to meet your challenges both today and tomorrow. Jointly with our customers, we evaluate the right solution, assemble the right solution using tried-and-tested components or construct the right solution. In the area of CNC systems, this always includes the TW-Control machine control as central component. TechnoWood ensures that you are ready for the future. We are looking forward to the next challenges...



The flexible machine controller

The TW-Control is the machine controller from TechnoWood. It runs on every TechnoWood CNC system and is the key to success. The TW-Control is an extremely efficient controller that is equipped with an open architecture.



The processing center

Do you plan to work primarily with large components and / or carry out complex machining and manufacturing efficiently on the machine? Then a TW-Agil is the right solution for you. Two spindles – one from the top and one from the bottom – guarantee efficient machining of all sides of the component.


TW-Concept Line

The production line

Together with you, we will configure the optimal portal robot including the tailored component logistics. The configuration will be done using modular components that suit your needs. As part of a subsequent expansion phase, additional components can be integrated into the line.



The production line for solid wood systems

TechnoWood offers the complete package: With the solid wood assembly line TWOODS-Line, customers can manufacture the tried-and-tested high-quality solid wood system TWOODS under license. An original timber construction system fabricated on a state-of-the art plant...



The crane balancer

The TW-Balance allows you to place the elements at the desired position with high precision and extremely efficiently. It is thus possible to install roof elements, for example, at a precise angle. Very soon, you will not want to work without the TW-Balance.



Development of special machine

Since it was founded, TechnoWood has had the privilege to support many projects in the area of the development of wood (construction) systems and the mechanization and automation of these. We have developed significant technical expertise in this area, which we will be happy to share with you. Make use of our services as experienced development partners for future-proof systems in machine and control system engineering for the timber industry. We also offer our services as innovative and competent partner for company-specific projects that will help you advance your business on the basis of customized plant construction. We are looking forward to working together with you.



The competent immediate help

Good support is provided by employees who carry out planned maintenance or offer advice for special challenges with a lot of commitment and just as much technical expertise. But don't let yourself be fooled – a company does not require hundreds of employees to offer good support. The ratio of the number of customers relative to the number of technical staff in support must be right. At TechnoWood, this ratio and also the relationship with the customer are just right.

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