TW-Agil - The processing center


TW-Agil - The processing center

Do you plan to work primarily with large components and / or carry out complex machining and manufacturing efficiently on the machine? Then a TW-Agil is the right solution for you. Two spindles – one from the top and one from the bottom – guarantee efficient machining of all sides of the component.

  • • 6-sided machining with two spindles
  • • free tool selection from tool changer
  • • automatic feed and discharge
  • • 4-sided clamping of components
  • • optimising of production and rods
  • • rod and plate machining maximal:
      1300 x 400 mm (TW-Agil) or
      3000 x 400 mm (TW-Agil 3000)
    • minimal: 40 x 27 mm
  • • unlimited length

TW-Agil - Broschure

TW-Agil - 1.3 x 0.4 m

TW-Agil - 3.0 x 0.4 m

TW-Agil - The processing center

Conventional rod joinery with small to very large diameters, complete bar packages, panel material, massive glued laminated wood elements or box elements and even 3-dimensional molding are machined efficiently, exact and with a high degree of flexibility on the TW-Agil.

The two water-cooled 5-axis spindles, each with 24 kW, machine the component very efficiently, thanks to the 2 channel controller; while one spindle is working, the second spindle exchanges the tool. Six-sided machining of the components is possible, thanks to spindels which can travel out of the machining zone on the Y-axis.

The two spindles access a high-performance tool changer. This system consists of a pin tool chan­ger standing vertically with 29 positions and a rotating gripper arm with two tool holders positioned opposite each other. The gripper arm removes the required tool from the changer, takes the tool to be changed from the spindle and inserts the new one by means of a rotary movement. The tool change system enables the flexible use of special tools, such as e.g. cross-cut saw, marked, multiple drilling heads, adjustable slot mills …

The feed batteries transport the components quickly and without slipping through the machining zone. In addition they can be moved in the X-axis. Consequently the optimum distance from the clamping position to the machining zone can always be set – through to the complete joint travel of all batteries together for the transfer of the smallest parts.

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