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Since it was founded, TechnoWood has had the privilege to support many projects in the area of the development of wood (construction) systems and the mechanization and automation of these. We have developed significant technical expertise in this area, which we will be happy to share with you. Make use of our services as experienced development partners for future-proof systems in machine and control system engineering for the timber industry. We also offer our services as innovative and competent partner for company-specific projects that will help you advance your business on the basis of customized plant construction. We are looking forward to working together with you.

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Engineering Project - TW-EasyWinWood

The TW-EasyWinWood has been designed for the complete and efficient machining of window- or door friezes in the smallest space (21m2). Four scantlings with a length of up to 6 metres can be clamped.

The scantlings are separated and the automatic portable spars position the components freely. As a result the front faces of the scantlings can be machined. This complete machining takes place without set-up time in a continuous clamping operation. The integrated layout optimization makes prior commissioning of the scantlings unnecessary. Up to 48 parts with a minimum length and width of 200 mm and a thickness of 100mm can be machined completely in one pass. The machine concept enables a machining time of 1 minute per window frieze.

Engineering Project - TW-Sorter

Bretter, welche frisch eingeschnitten wurden, müssen zur Gewährleistung der Qualität schnellst möglich nach Abmassen sortiert und gestapelt werden. TechnoWood hat eine Anlage entwickelt, welche Ihnen diese Aufgabe abnimmt. Sogar die Stapelleisten zwischen den einzelnen Lagen werden vollautomatisch eingelegt.

Engineering Project - TW-Robofloc

This system further automates the industrial filling of prefabricated timber elements with cellulose insulation materials. Robofloc is the consistent further development of the shredding device of the insulation material big bale application.

The timber elements are delivered on a roller conveyor in an arbitrary sequence. A camera system measures the individual compartments and also detects areas that should not be filled (windows, doors). The necessary blowing positions are calculated by the robofloc. Next, the blowing system approaches the compartments and fills these with a selectable flake density. Once filling is complete, the component exits the filling line.

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