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Good support is provided by employees who carry out planned maintenance or offer advice for special challenges with a lot of commitment and just as much technical expertise. But don't let yourself be fooled – a company does not require hundreds of employees to offer good support. The ratio of the number of customers relative to the number of technical staff in support must be right. At TechnoWood, this ratio and also the relationship with the customer are just right.

  • personal advice
  • Our support team knows the plant operators. At TechnoWood, customers are not just more numbers.
  • advanced know-how
  • Our support team knows the plant and the situation on site. Our support team also takes care of the commissioning process.
  • ongoing exchange of knowledge
  • Our support team keeps up to date. The annual aftersales training for operators (UserClub) provides the opportunity for exchange of knowledge beyond the day-to-day business.

SUPPORT - Software & Controls

Mathias Huber
Mathias HuberCoordination of Software Team
+4171 997 04 07
Elias Ammann
Elias Ammann
+4171 997 04 06
Richard "Richi" Frey
+4171 997 04 20
Roman Hofstetter
Roman Hofstetter
+4171 997 04 21

SUPPORT - Service

Marco Dauru
Marco DauruCoordination of Service Team
+4171 997 04 02
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