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TWOODS - the solid wood system



TechnoWood offers the complete package: With the solid wood assembly line TWOODS-Line, customers can manufacture the tried-and-tested high-quality solid wood system TWOODS under license. An original timber construction system fabricated on a state-of-the art plant...

  • • from the raw board to the visible element –
      without glue and without metal
  • • placing, pressing, drilling, dowelling, joining
      and finishing
  • • high added value and
      low personnel expenses


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TWOODS - The solid wood system

With the TWOODS® building elements, you build with pure nature and utilise the benefits of wood. TWOODS® components are joined by wooden dowels without metal or glue. Aside from the unique living environment, you benefit from an excellent thermal insulation and improved protection against heat, fire and radiation.

Sawed raw, unplaned wooden boards are stacked in at least 5 layers in different orientation. To improve the wind proofness, a cloth layer made of animal wool and cellulose is inserted. The boards are joined with wooden dowels to produce a solid prefabricated structural element.

TWOODS-Line - The line for solid wood systems

The TWOODS-Line was developed for the production of TWOODS® solid wood elements. The entire system consists of various portal CNC machines. The system is configured to suit the customer's requirements. Adjustments are also possible in a further phase. The production line can therefore be configured from the following portals:

  • • TW-Layer - the planting portal
  • • TW-Fix - the drill and dowel portal
  • • TW-Mill - the portal robot
  • • TW-Surface - the surface portal
  • • TW-Brettstapel – the brettstapel machine

TW-Layer - The planting portal

The laying portal grasps boards of various lengths from different boxes and lays these on the production table in various directions. The specification for this laying pattern comes directly from the programming system. Recesses such as windows and doors are detected by the system and not laid out, through which the off-cuts are reduced to a minimum. The element leaves this portal as a loose stack of boards.
The layers of boards placed on the laying portal TW-Layer are moved to the next portal, the doweling portal TW-Fix.

TW-Fix - the drilling- and doweling portal

At the doweling portal the boards are clamped and holes drilled through all board layers. Two drilling units with 15 mm auger bits produce through or blind holes. For elements with blind holes the dowels are not visible at one side. The doweling unit then presses a 16.2 mm beech dowel into the hole. The dowel is taken from the traveling magazine, compressed and moistened using a spray device before being inserted.

All that takes place in one clamping operation, shifting the boards is therefore not possible. Not a single drop of glue is required for the entire procedure. A finished element consequently consists of 100% natural materials.

TW-Mill - The portal robot

In the third portal, the solid wooden elements are shaped individually. The fully automatic machining portal mills the contours, drills the power outlets, cuts the connecting grooves and calibrates the elements to the desired thickness. The milling and the spindle unit can be moved in five axes.

With the modular joinery system TW-Mill from TechnoWood wood panel materials, laminated boards, one or more single rods can be machined efficiently, flexibly and precisely. The TW-Mill system impresses through its modular and high-quality design. Length of the system, passage width, passage height, arrangement and number of spindles and units and many other features can be freely selected.

tw-brettstapel - 1

tw-brettstapel - 2

tw-brettstapel - 3

tw-brettstapel - 4

tw-brettstapel - 5

tw-brettstapel - 6

tw-surface - 1

tw-surface - 2

tw-surface - 3

tw-surface - 4

tw-surface - 5

tw-surface - 6


The production line can be extended by further portals. To further increase productivity, the TW-Surface surface portal can be used for face milling and brushing the solid wood elements.

It is also possible to integrate a board stack production - the TW-Board-Stacks - into the production line. A board stacking system will be installed in a shaft constructed on site in the work area of the TW-Fix dowel portal. The drilling and insertion of the dowels takes place by the dowel portal. The boards are inserted manually. The board stacking system consists of two identical units which can be controlled autonomously. The total length of the board stacking line is 15000 mm. Board stacks up to max. 15000 x 2300 mm can be produced.

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