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Technowood - The company

bild technowood 6 Technowood unites the arts of machine- and timber construction. We are specialists in field of wood- and machine construction and software. We provide solutions from the CAD interface to the machined component.

bild technowood 1Technowood clients are partners. In open and fair collaboration, we jointly develop the best solutions. Together we search for the most practical solution, in order to master the processes, before they are rationalized or mechanized.

Technowood thrives on its reputation. The reliable and successful processing of the tasks we are set is for us not only an ecological must, rather a matter of personal honour. Sustainability determines what we do regarding our company, our employees, our customers and our partners.

Technowood GmbH
Horb 5
CH-9656 Alt St. Johann
T: +41 (0)71 997 04 00
F: +41 (0)71 997 04 01