TW-Mill - the joinery portal

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TW-Mill - the joinery portal

bild mill 2 With the modular joinery system TW-Mill from Technowood wood panel materials, laminated boards, one or more single rods can be machined efficiently, flexibly and precisely. The TW-Mill system impresses through its modular and high-quality design. Length of the system, passage width, passage height, arrangement and number of units and many other features can be freely selected.

The basic versions are the TW-Mill M and the TW-Mill C:
TW-Mill M - mobile portal: component is processed on a machining table
TW-Mill E - mobile portal: with additional units for the modular building
TW-Mill C - stationary portal: portal carriages move the component

Due to the stable gantry construction a high machining precision and intrinsic resonance is achieved.

TW-Mill - Spindel and sawing unit

The Y-axis is carried out so that the units can be moved out of the processing area. This allows to fully machining of all 5 pages, including all sides with deep horizontal drilling. An additional 5-axis saw unit is installed on the portal. The tasks will be divided with the use of a second unit among a saw unit and a spindle unit. Thus an optimum of power and speed relation to the machining tasks are guaranteed.

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