TW-Mill M - the mobile joinery portal

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• versatile use of tools in
spacious machining zone
• diverse, customized table solutions can be
implemented e.g. tandem operation,
TW-Flip turning system, ...
• configuration tailored
to customer and product

TW-Mill M - the mobile joinery portal

With the TW-Mill M variant the portal is mounted on the rail system. During machining the portal moves over the workpiece, which is positioned on a machining table.

The expanded version TW-Mill M impresses through its high degree of flexibility, which is achieved through the open machining area. Components can be machined over the entire length of the machine table – which can be optionally be created from wood on your own initiative.

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equipment according to the client's request
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stable trackage
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special tool changer
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disc tool changer

The machining table

The machining table can – if required – be produced by the customer according to Technowood construction plans. If the table is constructed open, the disposal of the scrap wood can take place by means of a scrap wood pusher. The off-cuts are transported e.g. towards the wood chipper by two lifting rods with several swiveling arms.

The airborne particles are extracted by a travelling connecting element (toad) and transported further in a channel (toad channel) to the extraction system.rt.

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open table

Toad and drain of the toad

The travelling toad optimally directs the suction flow out of the machine room into the duct of toad. The upper area of the duct is open and reinforced with a steel strutting. This upper section is covered and sealed with a membrane - by the air flow, this effect is enhanced. The accompanying toad slides under this membrane away without negative influence to the tightness.

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cable drag
drain of the toad

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