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      • nailing, screwing, stapling, gluing, joining, ...
      • wall, ceiling and roof elements, free shapes, ...
      • machining of frames, plates, trusses, boxes, …

The TW-Mill E is designed for the machining of elements and timber frame construction. Centerpiece is the “E-Module”, which accommodates a variety of different nailing-, stapling-, screwing- and gluing units. In addition, a separate, powerful spindle enables the complete joinery of timber frames and boards through to free form machining. The TW-Mill E is a system for efficient standard and flexible custom machining operations.

Swiss Quality

The TW-Mill E is created out of high-quality components and individual implementation of the system - thanks to its modular design.

the E-module

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The E-Module offers space for up to 8 special units (e.g. nailing-, stapling and milling units).  The  E-module including additional, selective extraction, touch function and free positioning (rotation around the Z-Axis).

5-axis spindel

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The addional 5-axis spindle (24 kW, 15000 rpm) tool-changer and saw blades up to 800 mm.

open programming

The open PC controller allows  flexible programming. The integration of a variety of CAD- and CAM systems is possible.

logistic solutions

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Various table solutions are possible so as large through passage with table width of 4000mm (or more) ...


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