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• from the raw board to the visible element – without glue and without metal
• placing, pressing, drilling, dowelling, joining and finishing
• high added value and low personnel expenses


a further TWOODS-house establish

With TWOODS® construction elements you build with pure nature and utilize the benefits of wood. TWOODS® construction elements are made without using metal and glue. The plankes are joined together with wooden dowels and form a solid house element. Besides the unique living climate, you also profit from excellent thermal insulation and better protection against heat, fire and radiation.

Raw plankes are piled up at least in 5 layers with different orientations. To improve the wind resistance, a fleece made of animal wool and cellulose has been carefully inserted. Wooden dovels will assembled the plankes to a solid housing element.

10 Arguments in favor of TWOODS

1. sustainability 100 % regional, renewable building material
2. ecology no gluing, thanks to ingenious doweling technique
3. cool down time U-value 0.22 W/m²K = 227 hours
4. room climate enormous storage mass of temperature and humidity
5. thermal insulation 360 mm wall thickness, dynamic U-value 0.17 W/m²K
6. vapor diffusion breathable with assured windproofing
7. noise insulation high mass, good noise insulation values (system tested)
8. statics excellent elasticity, sensational earthquake protection
9. fire resistance fire protection thanks to carbonization, no toxic vapors
10. radioprotection protection against electrosmog and high-frequency radiation

TWOODS-Line - The production line

TWOODS® solid wood elements are produced on an optionally expandable plant. The TWOODS-Line is basically comprised of 3 CNC portals.

TW-Layer - the laying portal

The laying portal grasps the boards of varying length and lays these in the predefined direction on the production table. Larger openings are thereby left open. A fleece made from wool, cotton and rags is placed between the board layers. The fleece functions as a wind seal. The element leaves this portal as loose board carpet.

TW-Fix - the drilling and doweling portal

The board carpet is pushed to the doweling portal. There the boards are clamped and holes drilled through all board layers. The doweling portal then makes its way and presses a compressed beech dowel into the existing hole. Not a single drop of glue is required for the entire operation. Consequently a finished element consists of 100% natural materials.

TW-Mill - the joining portal

The complete final machining of the solid wood element is carried out with the TW-Mill joining portal: The component is formatted to the exact dimensions and the surfaces are milled flat. Thanks to the robust design of the portal and the two 5-axis units, individual, flexible machining takes place with a variety of tools. Even the structuring of the surface with a large format brush tool takes place on the TW-Mill.

TW-Surface - the surface portal

Optionally, instead of the TW-Mill the TW-Surface can be installed for face miling and brushing of solid wood elements.

The TWOODS-Line brings you maximum productivity and machining precision with minimum use of personnel… and that for the creation of an extremely sustainable product.

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