TW-Balance - the crane balancer

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secure positioning of elements

• high precision when placing elements thanks to remote-controlled positioning
• large operating range (up to 100 m)
• loads up to 5 tons
• tested remote control
• enormous reduction of assembly time for crane and mechanics

The elements often hang slanted on the crane. Painstakingly and sometimes with dangerous maneuvers one attempts to get the elements to hang plumb. One pushes, lifts, pulls and hits, indeed even skilled workers hang on the elements.

With the TW-Balance such «stories» belong to the past. With a high degree of precision you set the elements down at the required place. This way e.g. roof elements can be rotated exactly to the right inclination.

The TW-Balance, a device that you will soon not want to be without.


compact design, easy transport
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efficient thanks to powerful batteries


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efficient thanks to approved 5 ton useful load

Remote controller

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simple operation

The remote control offers a working radius of 100 m and includes all relevant safety features. The powerful batteries supply ample energy to work all day long. Following a short recharging time the batteries are ready again for operation. The self-locking of the TW-Balance permits no movement without power.

There is a test unit waiting for you!

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