TW-Flip - The turning and set system

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• turning of elements onto the smallest area without leaving the table
• controlled, gentle turning even of very heavy elements
• quick turning on site without any tools (no crane, forklift, suspension, ...)

The turning and set system from Technowood allows for safe and careful processing of building elements.
• no dangerous turning with the crane is required
• the crane remains available for other applications
• no warping of components and thus no risk for glued or smoothed surfaces

modular system

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The number and positioning of the units can be integrated into various table solutions according to customer request.

flexible control

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The units can be controlled individually or in groups via absolute rotary encoder - up to 6 units per hydraulic system.

safe turning and secure set up

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As an additional feature, the elements can be set up in a vertical position. This erection mode permits a safe hooking to hall crane.

Powerful and precise hydraulic solution

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Even heavy elements are turned without jerking thanks to proportional hydraulics.

exact positioning

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Accurate positioning at the edge thanks to horizontal process - optionally with wired remote control.

secure access thanks to closed surface

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In home position, the turning units form a closed working surface with the machining table - if a table is part of the solution.


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