TW-Sorter - sorter and stacking facility

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TW-Sorter - sorter and stacking facility

Boards which have been freshly cut to size must be sorted and stacked as soon as possible after measuring to ensure the quality. Technowood has developed a system that relieves you of this task. Even the stack battens between the individual layers are placed fully automatically. The sorting criteria, the stack structure and the number of stacks can be freely selected. The system signals when a drying stack is full and can be fed directly into the drying machine.

The firm’s own machine controller monitors the sequence. Based on a Windows operating system, the entry and the operation are very simple.


Board stacker

The TW-Sorter consists of 3 units, which work in parallel – the measuring station, the board stacker and the stack batten layer.


Stack batten layer
Measuring station


the stack batten layer with magazine

Thanks to complete robotic control, even the inserting of spacers between the individual board layers is performed fully automatically. The boxes are detected automatically – an infinite number of boxes can be stored and any board dimensions can be used.

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