TW-EasyWinWood - the window and door machining center

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2 x 15-position tool change slots

The TW-EasyWinWood has been designed for the complete and efficient machining of window- or door friezes in the smallest space (21m2). Four scantlings with a length of up to 6 metres can be clamped.

The scantlings are separated and the automatic portable spars position the components freely. As a result the front faces of the scantlings can be machined. This complete machining takes place without set-up time in a continuous clamping operation. The integrated layout optimization makes prior commissioning of the scantlings unnecessary.

Up to 48 parts with a minimum length and width of 200 mm and a thickness of 100mm can be machined completely in one pass.

The machine concept enables a machining time of 1 minute per window frieze.

Fensterfabrik Albisrieden in Zürich

precise clamping of components up to 6 meters length

The first window machining centre from Technowood was commissioned in 2009 – in the middle of the city of Zürich. The requirements on the machine were defined simply: small space requirement, great efficiency, great flexibility. The result impressed!

Processing sequence

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positioning of the scantlings
separation of scantlings


free travel and machining of the front face
longitudinal profiling


special machining
machining for joining systems


milling in the fittings

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