TW-Concept-Line - The production line

An existing process is relaunched with a new name and with some new components. Configure your optimal workbench solution and your optimal portal robot including the tailored component logistics together with us. The configuration will be done using modular components that suit your needs. As part of a subsequent expansion phase, additional components can be integrated into the line. Let us configure your solution together.

Your tailored solution made from modular and expandable components in Swiss quality.

Portal Solutions



The portal robot

A good building requires a good foundation and a good base. The TW-Mill is this base version. In general, the TW-Mill comprises a massive portal, a protective cabin and a water-cooled 5-axis spindle. You decide what to do with this base!


TW-Mill M

The mobile portal robot

In this variant, the TW-Mill is placed on a rail system for mobility. The component – irrespective of its shape and design – is placed on a machining table and the TW-Mill M moves across the machining length defined by the rail. Using several modular components, the portal can be configured to the customer’s specifications.


TW-Mill E

The robot for element constructions

From the outside, a TW-Mill M can hardly be distinguished from a TW-Mill E. The reason for this is simple – The TW-Mill E is a TW-Mill M with an E-module. This variant therefore has a 5-axis spindle unit and a 4-axis spindle unit offering space for nailing, clamping, pressure nailing, screwing and gluing units as well as additional sawing and milling units with local extraction. Which is everything that is needed for processing in modern element construction.


TW-Mill C

The stationary portal robot

Unlike the TW-Mill M, the TW-Mill does not run on rails. It is placed firmly on the ground – the disposal, the extraction and also the position of the operator are fixed. A portal carrier – the TW-Carrier – transports the components across the machining zone. Inward and outward conveyor systems offer a very high degree of automation. Thanks to the stationary position, also a so-called "pit spindle" can be installed, which machines the component from the bottom ...


Handling Solutions



The turning and set system

As the name TW-Concept Line already suggests – we wish to stay on one line. Because this is the way to achieve the most efficient productivity. To facilitate machining on both sides of the elements, boards and box systems, these need to be turned without leaving the line. This task is solved by the TW-Flip.


TW-Flow X

The longitudinal conveyor system

The TW-Flow X is used to permit movement of the component lengthwise to the machining table. The conveyor unit comprises a roller that reaches across the full table width. The number, arrangement and design of the individual units (with or without drive) can be customized to the needs of the customer.


TW-Flow Y

The cross conveyor system

We offer the above-described TW-Flow X for conveying the components in lengthwise direction. The TW-Flow Y is used to permit movement of the component in transverse direction to the machining table. Laterally, the TW-Flow Y can even travel beyond the machining table for component transfer, e.g. to a parallel assembly line.


TW-Clamp B

The beam clamping system

The assembly of roof and ceiling elements requires stable and precise orientation of the joists. This can easily be achieved with the TW-Clamp B clamping system. Joists or beams are placed in the 6 individual clamping devices of a unit – the number of units is determined by the customer. This greatly simplifies alignment and panelling work.


TW-Clamp E

The element clamp system

Precise and optimal machining requires clamping of the element to be machined. The TW-Clamp E offers an excellent option for this. Stop pins are inserted in two clamping plates depending on the respective situation. The clamping plate on the contact side remains in its fixed position, while the opposite clamping plate travels within a fixed stroke and clamps the element – easily and effectively.



The positioning and clamping table

Good positioning and securing already is half the work when machining components. The TW-Raster-System offers various simple, but still very efficient solution approaches. TW-Raster can also be understood as a pool of idea that enables the customer to implement its own solutions.



The multifunctional portal

TechnoWood is driven by its innovative spirit. We will never regard special requirements of the customer as a nuisance, but instead as welcome challenges. One example is the TW-Handling. To explain it in brief: a portal is equipped with functions requested by the customer. These functions are called TW-Apps.

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