TW-Clamp B - The beam clamping system


TW-Clamp B - The beam clamping system

The assembly of roof and ceiling elements requires stable and precise orientation of the joists. This can easily be achieved with the TW-Clamp B clamping system. Joists or beams are placed in the 6 individual clamping devices of a unit – the number of units is determined by the customer. This greatly simplifies alignment and panelling work.

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TW-Clamp B - The beam clamping system

The beam-positioning system, TW-Clamp B, consists of modular clamping units for positioning and fixing beams and ribs. The individual units can be integrated in number and position into a table acc. specific requirements.

The bars are laid on top and the individually actuated units are selected and activated. Individual clamps, each with a stop and a counterstop, are located on each unit. The stop is manually aligned on the collar side with the aid of an integrated measuring tape and fixed with a locking handle.

The individual clamps' counterstops now move synchronously within the clamp opening towards the beam until it is clamped. TW-Clamp B can be lowered in the table for turning or conveying processes. The collar side must be defined relative to project.

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