TW-Clamp E - The element clamping system


TW-Clamp E - The element clamp system

Precise and optimal machining requires clamping of the element to be machined. The TW-Clamp E offers an excellent option for this. Stop pins are inserted in two clamping plates depending on the respective situation. The clamping plate on the contact side remains in its fixed position, while the opposite clamping plate travels within a fixed stroke and clamps the element – easily and effectively.

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TW-Clamp E - The element clamp system

The element clamping system, TW-Clamp E, consists of modular clamping units for positioning and clamping elements. The individual units are integrated in number and position into a table as a symmetric system acc. specific requirements.

A unit consists of two clamping plates made of beech, each with four grid holes. A stop pin is inserted into each of the two clamping plates, depending on the width of the element to be clamped.

The first clamping plate is fixed and serves as a stop side. The second plate is moved within a fixed distance against the stop side. For each clamping unit, the two inserted pins clamp the element together. Clamping operation or triggering is done via an air valve on the unit side of the stationary pin.

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