TW-Flow X - The longitudinal conveyor system


TW-Flow X - The longitudinal conveyor system

The TW-Flow X is used to permit movement of the component lengthwise to the machining table. The conveyor unit comprises a roller that reaches across the full table width. The number, arrangement and design of the individual units (with or without drive) can be customized to the needs of the customer.

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TW-Flow X - The longitudinal conveyor system

Via driven and non-driven rollers, the component to be machined is raised and moved e.g. to the next processing zone. The conveyor rollers are inserted into the processing table and fixedly connected with it. The rollers are aligned transversely to the conveying direction.

The driven and non-driven rollers are grouped according to customer requirements. By means of a control unit directly at the table, the rollers can be controlled individually or all rollers of the group can be controlled.

The conveyor unit with lifting device and without drive is inserted into the processing table. The individual roller units are lifted by means of a pressure hose. The hose is placed underneath the units and lifts these to a height limit when compressed air is supplied.


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