TW-Flow Y - The cross conveyor system


TW-Flow Y - The cross conveyor system

We offer the above-described TW-Flow X for conveying the components in lengthwise direction. The TW-Flow Y is used to permit movement of the component in transverse direction to the machining table. Laterally, the TW-Flow Y can even travel beyond the machining table for component transfer, e.g. to a parallel assembly line.

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TW-Flow Y - The cross conveyor system

Les unités de convoyage transversales sont intégrées dans la table de traitement et sont et solidement reliées avec cette dernière. Pendant le cycle du processus, la pièce à usiner est relevée et déplacée à la transversale de la direction de convoyage, par ex. dans une zone d’usinage parallèle ou dans une zone tampon. Cross-conveyor system, consisting of lifting device, extendible cantilever, and powered belts, is placed into the machining table.

The individual conveyor units are lifted via a pressure hose. The hose is positioned under the units and lifts them to a height limit when compressed air is fed in. The raised unit can be extended from the table as a cantilever. The belt for the component drive is powered and can be and can be operated in any cantilever position. The cross-conveyor modules can be individually linked and actuated.

The units are controlled individually or in a selected group.

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