TW-Handling - The multifunctional portal



TechnoWood is driven by its innovative spirit. We will never regard special requirements of the customer as a nuisance, but instead as welcome challenges. One example is the TW-Handling. To explain it in brief: a portal is equipped with functions requested by the customer. These functions are called TW-Apps.

These TW-Apps can be functions like on the solid wood production line where e.g. boards are picked up and positioned by a warehouse, dowel holes drilled and dowels inserted, ...

These functions can also bring the desired degree of automation to element construction. Possible TW-Apps:

  • TW-App GlueGlue functions
  • TW-App InsulationInsulation functions
  • TW-App Screw - Screwdriving functions
  • TW-App HandlingMaterial Positioning

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