TW-Mill E - The robot for element constructions


TW-Mill E - The robot for element constructions

From the outside, a TW-Mill M can hardly be distinguished from a TW-Mill E. The reason for this is simple – The TW-Mill E is a TW-Mill M with an E-module. This variant therefore has a 5-axis spindle unit and a 4-axis spindle unit offering space for nailing, clamping, pressure nailing, screwing and gluing units as well as additional sawing and milling units with local extraction. Which is everything that is needed for processing in modern element construction.

  • • nailing, screwing, stapling, gluing, joining, ...
  • • wall, ceiling and roof elements, free shapes,...
  • • machining of frames, plates, trusses, boxes,..

TW-Mill E - Broschure

TW-Mill E - The robot for element constructions


The portal robot for element constructions TW-Mill E stands for maximum flexibility - thanks to a 5-axis spindle for complex joinery, plate and freeform machining and a 4-axis unit for timber-framed constructions.

Centerpiece is the “E-Module”, which accommodates a variety of different nailing-, stapling-, screwing- and gluing units. In addition, a separate, powerful spindle enables the complete joinery of timber frames and boards through to free form machining. The TW-Mill E is a system for efficient standard and flexible custom machining operations.

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