TW-Mill M - The mobile portal robot


TW-Mill M - The mobile portal robot

In this variant, the TW-Mill is placed on a rail system for mobility. The component – irrespective of its shape and design – is placed on a machining table and the TW-Mill M moves across the machining length defined by the rail. Using several modular components, the portal can be configured to the customer’s specifications.

  • • versatile use of tools in spacious machining zone
  • • diverse, customized table solutions can be implemented
      e.g. tandem operation, TW-Flip turning system, ...
  • • configuration tailored to customer and product

TW-Mill M - Broschure

TW-Mill M - The mobile portal robot

The expanded version TW-Mill M impresses through its high degree of flexibility, which is achieved through the open machining area. Components can be machined over the entire length of the machine table – which can be optionally be created from wood on your own initiative.

The basic version includes a 5-axis spindle unit. The Y-axis is carried out so that the units can be moved out of the processing area. This allows to fully machining of all 5 pages, including all sides with deep horizontal drilling.

An additional 5-axis saw spindle is installed on the portal. The tasks will be divided with the use of a second unit among a saw spindle and a spindle. Thus an optimum of power and speed relation to the machining tasks are guaranteed.

The TechnoWood portals have co-moving control cabinets, control computers and frequency inverter. The interfaces for data supply, electrical power and compressed air are provided by the client. The supply is been accessed via a cable drag.

The machining table serves for supporting and transporting the components. Optionally, the table can be manufactured from wood by the customer using TechnoWood plans, or the customer can purchase an external table system.

The clamping elements required for clamping and workpiece machining are planned jointly by the project parties based on the requirements of the components planned for production and the technical geometries of use of the machining spindles and the aggregates.

The travelling toad optimally directs the suction flow out of the machine room into the duct of toad. The upper area of the duct is open and reinforced with a steel strutting. This upper section is covered and sealed with a membrane - by the air flow, this effect is enhanced. The accompanying toad slides under this membrane away without negative influence to the tightness.

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